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Benr-Belp XPlane 11

Hersteller: Flylogic , Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: 19020en
Bern XPlane 11 Windows Download
SFr. 14.90
Bern XPlane 11 MAC Download
SFr. 14.90



Airport Bern-Belp XP11

XPlane 11   
now on sale !
  •  19020en
  •  mailsoft GmbH
  •  Jörg Unglaub
  •  Deutsch / English / 
  •  1.0



The Bern-Belp regional airfield is the airfield of the Swiss federal city of Bern.
It is operated by the private-sector “Flughafen Bern AG”.
The regional airfield was the basis of the former SkyWork Airlines, which was grounded at
Airfield led to a loss of sales of more than a third. Currently the Charter company
Helvetic Airways offers some flights during the holiday season.

The Federal Air Transport Service has two business planes, the Swiss one.
Air rescue service operates a base and two helicopter companies and two
Flight schools (one for powered flight, one for gliding) operate on the airfield.

With Bern-Belp for Xplane 11, Jörg Unglaub has a great piece of scenery design

conjured up on the screen. The diversity and the wealth of details characterize the airport!
A special feature was also placed on the wider environment. The Bernese farmhouses,

the large glider airfield and the industrial buildings can be seen prominently on the southern approach.
Numerous static and dynamic objects ensure the typical flair of an airport.

Special features of Bern for XPlane 11:
- Detailed illustration of the LSZB Bern-Belp airport for X-Plane 11 and its vicinity
- Ground textures of the airport and the surrounding area based on aerial photographs
- Detailed, customized runway markings and Calvert approach lights, according to the current airport
- Complete taxiway and apron markings
- Adapted, animated windsocks based on wind direction and wind strength
- ATC frequencies according to the current status
- Floor and building with PBR textures
- X-Plane taxi routes and ground vehicles implemented for AI traffic
- Many, detailed 3D objects such as people and vehicles, optimized for good refresh rates
- Extensive, customized night lighting on and around the airport

System requirements:
XPlane 11
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 8/10 (64bit)
Processor: Dual-core CPU with 3.0 GHz
Graphics card: 1 GB, DirectX 11
Size: 414 MB