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Grenchen P3D V4 V5

Hersteller: Flylogic , Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: 19005en
Grenchen P3D V4 V5 Download
SFr. 16.90



Airport Grenchen
professional V4 V5

P3D V4 & V5   

  • Article no .: 19005en
    Sales: mailsoft GmbH
    Developer: FlyLogic software
    Language: German / English 
    Current version: 1020

No other airport would be missed so much in Swiss aviation than this one and without it,
nothing would be the same. This is Grenchen, the largest regional airport in Switzerland.

It is situated almost exactly in the middle between Western Switzerland and the Midland
and attracts model aircraft pilots, glider pilots as well as parachutists and is the starting
point for numerous sightseeing flights. However, business flying should not be
underestimated since several timepiece manufacturers are situated around Grenchen.

Pilot training is also an important factor. A significant part of the practical training for
future airline and corporate pilots takes place in Grenchen.
Take a break in Grenchen, it's really worth it!




- Scenery made workable in P3D V4 V5
- Created new runway lights
- Scenery around Hangar 7 extended
- Ground layout changed
- New ground markings, designations, lines and stands for airplanes and helicopters
- New asphalt surfaces in front of the hangars
- Runway numbers changed to 06/24
- Static aircraft and individuals moved to the new parking positions
- AFD adapted, parking positions, taxiways, runway designation
- Jet and street lights removed at the roundabout
- CAP-232 placed in the roundabout
- SBACH "Hamilton" aerobatics on the hotel roof
- Highly-detailed airport scenery of Grenchen optimised for P3D V4 V5
- Breathtaking night lighting
- High-resolution photo textures of the 3D models
- all airport buildings exactly reproduced
- Road traffic along the airfield
- Charts for printing: ILS, SID, STAR and Ground
- Optimum adaptation to the Switzerland professional P3D V4 V5 scenery
- Static aircraft such as Antonov-2, Diamond DA42

The scenery was adapted so that the aerial photographs correspond exactly to the
texture colours of Switzerland professional P3D V4 V5.



System requirements

Requirements: Prepar3D V4 V5
Operating system: Windows Win 7 / 8 / 10 (64Bit)
Processor: at least 3.5 GHz
Main memory: at least 16 GB
Graphic card: at least 4 G B
Download size: 180 MB