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Bern Belp professional V4 & V5

Hersteller: Flylogic , Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: 19001en
Bern Belp P3D V4 donwload version
SFr. 25.00
Bern Belp P3D update download
SFr. 15.00



Airport Bern professional

P3D V4 & V5     available  download 
Article No .: 19001en
Sales: mailsoft GmbH
Developer: FlyLogic software
Language: German / Français / English

Update Version Bern FSX on Bern P3D V4 & V5:
Click on the update version for Fr. 15.- and you will receive the full version of Airport Bern for P3D V4 & V5.
With the license code from Bern for FSX you can install the new P3D V4 & V5 version!

LSZB Bern Belp professional for Prepar3d V4 & V5
Update feature:

1. All 3D models of the airport buildings are converted to P3D V4. The roofs have received more details in part.

2. The main buildings at the airport now have reflective windows.

3. The sports center was supplemented by new buildings, including a large sports hall, which is currently a real kart track.

4. The terminal has been extended to the rear and the old tower has been demolished.

5. The floor layout has been updated and almost completely rebuilt. Of the changes are particularly affected the parking positions and the labels on the apron. New shelves and heli stands were created.

6. The AFDs had to be adapted to the changed circumstances.

7. The floor layout textures have been partially recreated in higher resolution, especially concrete, asphalt, lines, markings and labels.

8. As the runway has also been rehabilitated, there are fresh asphalt textures and much sharper markings, as well as an updated approach light.

9. All headlamps and lanterns have been fitted with dynamic lighting and now illuminate buildings, floors, planes, vehicles, etc.

10. The surrounding commercial properties, farms, hamlets, etc. and also the city scenery Bern were converted for Prepar3D V4. Here, however, only insignificant small improvement of the models have been carried out. This scenery will also be found in the converted landmarks of the CH-Pro-X in the future!

11. Cars were exchanged for higher detailed, all cars now have custom control plates.

12. The Season File Switcher or SODE is no longer required. The seasonal change of textures is now only through the possibilities of the Prepar3d SDK.

13. Summary and optimization of BGLs for better execution speed.

14. Moving AI ground vehicles (AES light)

************************************************** ************************************************** ********************************************
The Bern-Belp regional airport is the airfield of the Swiss federal state of Bern and the home base of SkyWork Airlines. It is operated by the private-sector "Flughafen Bern AG".

SkyWork Airlines flies directly from the capital into the trendiest cities and the most beautiful sandy beaches in the Mediterranean. The airline also flies you to the European cities of Amsterdam, Berlin - Gratz, Hamburg, London, Munich and Vienna.
Bern Airport has a worldwide route network and flies to over 30 destinations. Thanks to the 20-minute check-in time, the journey from Bern Airport is simple and uncomplicated.
The capital's airport is well connected and easily accessible via the motorway connection Rubigen (A6) as well as by public transport thanks to the S-Bahn Bern and the airport bus.
In Bern-Belp also the two airplanes of the Federal Council are stationed: Dassault Falcon 50 T-783 and the Cessna Citation Excel T-784.
The airport was designed down to the smallest detail including all the buildings and airport facilities, photorealistic objects and all the features you expect from a modern scenery conversion for the P3D V4. Numerous static and dynamic objects provide the typical flair of an airport.
Special features in this package:
- Detailed view of Bern - Belp and its surroundings, incl. Distinctive objects
- Original layout for taxiways, parking positions, ATC and AI traffic
- AI aircraft and ground vehicles (AES light)
- Soil textures based on aerial photographs (25cm / pixel orthophoto) including night effects
- Seasonal coloring of the aerial photos for 4 seasons
- Seasonal objects change automatically depending on the season
- Complete night lighting
- Optimum adaptation to the standard scenery as well as Switzerland professional  P3D V4
- Approach charts to print

System requirements:
Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D V4 & V5
Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (64bit)
Processor: Quad core with 3.5 GHz
Memory: 16 GB of DDR4 RAM (2666 MHz)
Graphics card: 8 GB VRAM (DirectX 11)
Download size: 270 MB